· T,C Series

Work for these kinds of type:

T7838WI T6836W T6837WI T7815WI C7815WI T7850WI C7850WI

Software & manuals:

Quick Installation Manual:Download
Central Management Client(For PC):Download
Central Management Client is a kind of software used for multiple IP camera monitoring.It is characterized with multi-camera monitoring, PTZ control, record, alarm and access authority management function, as well as easy operation and strong capability.
Smart upgrade tool: Download
Using this tool,can just press a button to automatically upgrade IP-Camera's firmware to the latest one.
IP Camera Wizard: Download
Use "IP Camera wizard" to instruct IP-Camera's installation and configure network environment.Install it when finishing download.
IP Camera finder for MAC: Download
You can find and complete the IP Camera installation over the APPLE MAC computer
Video player for TF card record file: Download
The tool is used to play the video file in TF card.
plug for ie: Download

Development based on IP-Camera's API:

ActiveX package Download
ActiveX package can be used in all series Camera produced by Vstarcam with functions real time access, alarm, taking picture,monitoring,itercom..Most of the functions are provided in API way in this package.It is easy to use and can be used by most programming language including embeded it into webpage.But only available on Microsoft windows system.